COTM 2015 Trophy Winners


For the 23rd Chryslers on the Murray, March 2015


Top 5 American Shannons Insurance

Dean Bastian      1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Mick Dukic     1969 Dodge Charger

Wayne Tayor     1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda Hardtop

Tom Howard     1961 V200 Plymouth Hardtop

Neville Price     1959 Plymouth Sports Fury Hardtop


Top 5 Australian Chrysler Action Magazine

Romeo Susnjara     1972 770 Charger

Brent Matheson     1971 RT Charger

Nick Karakolis    1972 RT Charger

John Prassas 1976 VK 770 Valiant Charger

Brett Goyne     1966 VC Valiant Sedan


Editors Choice – Chrysler Action Magazine

Joshua Savvoudiou     1971 Valiant Charger


Mayors Choice – Wodonga City Council

Rob Picone     1969 VF Valiant Utility


Chrysler of the Show – Elko Performance

Neville Price     1959 Plymouth Sports Fury Hardtop



Street Categories


Best Chrysler By Chrysler

Michael Looke     1971 Chrysler by Chrysler


Best Centura

Mark Sattler     1975 Centura


Best Roadster, Convertible

Jim Byrnes      1970 Valiant VG Convertible


Best Ute

David Quigg   1969 Dodge VF Ute


Best Station Wagon

Mustafa Tugcu          1973 Valiant Station Wagon


Best R&S Valiant

Tom Howard      1961 Chrysler V200 Plymouth Hardtop


Best R&S Valiant 2nd

Bruce Bull       1962 Valiant S Series Sedan


Best R&S Valiant 3rd

Ken Spurling              1962 Chrysler SV1 Sedan


Best AP5/AP6/VC Valiant

Brett Goyne   1966 Valiant VC Sedan


Best AP5/AP6/VC Valiant 2nd

Theo Stergiannis     1964 Valiant AP5 Sedan


Best AP5/AP6/VC Valiant 3rd

Leslie Claringbull       1966 Chrysler Wayfarer Ute


Best VE/VF/VG Valiant

Gary Cook      1970 VG Valiant Sedan


Best VE/VF/VG Valiant 2nd

Ryan Bond      1968 Valiant VE Safari Station Wagon


Best  VE/VF/VG Valiant 3rd

Adrian Gallo   1969 VF Valiant Ute


Best VF/VG Hardtop

Graeme Harris     1970 VG Valiant Hardtop


Best VF/VG Hardtop 2nd

Robert Blackwell     1970 VG Hardtop


Best VH/VJ Hardtop

Nigel Jacobs     1972 770 Chrysler Hardtop


Best VH/VJ Hardtop 2nd

Sue & Robin Witt     1974 Valiant VJ Hardtop


Best VH/VJ/VK Valiant 

Graham Castle     1972 VH Valiant Ute


Best CL&CM (non Charger)

Karen Jewell     1979 Chrysler CM Regal SE Sedan


Best CL&CM Chrysler non Charger 2nd

John Carroll    1977 Valiant CL Ute


Best Pacer

Kevin Madeiski     1970 Valiant VG Pacer Sedan


Best Pacer 2nd

Nik Ilijic     1970 Valiant VG Pacer Sedan


Best Competition Car



Best PT Cruiser

Wendy Frewin           2006 PT Cruiser Convertible


Best PT Cruiser 2nd

Don Lowrie     2008 PT Cruiser


Best Phoenix

Tony Skrabo     1971 Dodge Phoenix Hardtop


Best Panel Van

Ryan Bond  1977 Chrysler CL Panel Van


Best 300C

Robert Resuggan     2006 Chrysler 300C Sedan


Best 300C 2nd

Chris Redondo     2008 Chrysler SRT8 Sedan


Best VH Charger

S Morgan     1972 Valiant E55 Charger


Best VH Charger 2nd

P Andonopoulas     1972 VH Chrager


Best R/T Charger

Nick Karakolis     1972 Valiant RT Charger


Best VJ/VK Charger

John Prassas     1976 Valiant VK Charger


Best VJ/VK Charger 2nd

Neill Collicoat     1973 770 E55 Valiant Charger


Best CL Charger

Murray Quigg     1977 CL Valiant Charger


Best CL Charger 2nd

David Jenkins     1977 Valiant CL Charger


Best Pre 1945

No Entries


Best 1946 to 1962

Neville Price     1959 Plymouth Sports Fury Hardtop


Best 1946 to 1962 2nd

Rick & Joy Boyce     1955 Dodge Coronet Sedan


Best 1946 to 1962 3rd

Colin Swinnerton     1949 Plymouth Sedan


Best American 62 to 82 non Muscle

Gordon Morgan     1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Hardtop


Best 1982 to Now

Case DeRooy      2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser


Best Royal

K & B O’Connor     1957 Chrysler Royal


Best Ram/ Pick Up

No Entries


Sponsors Choice AMC/Rambler

Clem Smith     1955 AMC Hudson Hornet


Sponsors Choice AMC/Rambler 2nd

Itaco Ittone     1965 AMC Rambler


Sponsors Choice AMC/Rambler 3rd

Graham Stevenson     1971 AMC Javelin Hardtop


Best Plymouth A Body

Matt Boudrea     1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hardtop


Best Plymouth B Body

Mark Windsor 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner Hardtop


Best Plymouth E Body

George Cladakis     1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda Hardtop


Best Dodge A Body

Mick Dukic     1969 Dodge Charger Hardtop


Best Dodge B Body

Sam Ilardi     1971 Dodge Demon Hardtop


Best Dodge E Body

Jon Mitchell   1971 Dodge Challenger Hardtop


Horsepower Awards

Big Block

C Maclagan     1970 Dodge Challenger Hardtop  554.6HP


Small Block

T Banks  1971 Chrysler by Chrysler Hardtop 423.4HP


6 Cylinder

G Lafazanis     VH Valiant Charger 321.9HP


New Hemi

Chris Rodondo     2014 Chrysler SRT 8 Sedan  406.3HP



C Maclagan     1970 Dodge Challenger Hardtop  554.6HP


Driving Event Awards

Fastest Time Go to Whoa (Aggregrate)

Zvon Rados     1973 VJ Regal Hardtop


Fastest Time Motorkhana (Aggregrate)

Zvon Rados     1973 VJ Regal Hardtop