Club Registration

Contact: Kent Wathen (Secretary – 03 5722 2993 AH)

If you cannot make it to a meeting for your form to be signed, then you can send it to me at home, I will send it back the next day.

Mail forms to:   153 B Greta Road, Wangaratta Vic, 3677.


In order for a vehicle to qualify for club registration, certain criteria must be met.

A Victorian Certificate of Roadworthiness must be sighted with the initial application form.

The new application will go to the Club Committee for consideration.

Once approved, photos of the vehicle will be required by the Club, the necessary forms will be signed by the Secretary, and photos and other details kept on record as per our agreement with VicRoads.

The returned form must be presented to VicRoads to register the vehicle.  Vic Roads may, at their discretion request a vehicle inspection.

Once on Club registration, the vehicle must only be used according to the rules as provided by AOMC and Vic Roads.  The Club has a copy of the handbook containing these rules, remember the onus is on the driver to ensure the vehicle is maintained in a Roadworthy condition at all times, and is not modified beyond the scope of the scheme.  The Club Secretary can access relevant information regarding modifications if needed.

New rules apply from February 1st, 2015.  Refer to the Vic Roads website, AOMC website or ask the Secretary for details.